Cities are often described as living beings, exuding personality from their streets. Every block tells a story, each building is a monument to those who designed and built it, and all neighborhoods hold corners to be discovered and remembered. Likewise, in Big City Stories, your city is a living, thriving community that reflects your planning and effort. And just like its real-life counterparts, your city will continuously grow and evolve as you play.

Buildings in Big City Stories do more than look amazing, they produce resources and support the overall population of your city. The lifeblood of your city, the people running it, the electricity powering it, and the businesses supporting it all come from the buildings constructed by you. Each resource is tied to a category of construction.

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When you first take office you inherit a small city with simple but functional structures. As time advances and you’ve amassed the requisite resources, you can upgrade the buildings to reflect your keen management skills.

Public Works     Public Works

Public Works

As your buildings grow higher and higher, they’ll grant you added bonuses. Commercial structures will bring in more money, energy producers generate more power, apartments and homes house larger populations, and banks store more of your cash.

Every building can be upgraded, and you can express yourself by focusing on improving your favorite structures. Visual updates accompany your city’s progress, and buildings become bigger, more intricate, and will show other visiting mayors how prestigious you’ve become. Once your city looks like a modern metropolis, you’ll look back at your humble beginnings with an air of pride only felt by those as accomplished as you.


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