While buildings define a city’s skyline, it’s the smaller objects that give a city its character. Cities aren’t just a collection of roads and buildings; they contain all manner of smaller objects like signs, road blocks, landscaping, and art. Inspired by this, Big City Stories, uses an objects system that lets you place a multitude of items in your metropolis. You can place these objects to transform your city into a racing course, a parkour’s delight, a chill place to hang with your friends to watch fireworks, or whatever your imagination conjures.


The racing category of objects is perfect for those wishing to create their own road course. Using speed boosts, ramps, traffic cones, and concrete barriers you can craft a personal track to race your friends. If you’re more of a daredevil, you can use these ramps and even a loop to set up massive stunt jumps over your favorite buildings.

Want to jump to the top of buildings and scurry from roof to roof? There’s a category comprised of air jets and planks to let you do that. Once there you and your friends can enjoy the fireworks also found in the objects menu.  Of course, you can also use these jets and planks to create challenging obstacle courses for you and your friends.

Once you’ve configured your buildings just the way you like, you can use decorative objects to add your personal touch. Use customizable signs to show visitors your favorite areas. Flowerbeds, trees, and other landscaping are at your disposal as well, giving you the tools to bring a unique beauty to your custom-built city.

The myriad of objects available in the game make the customization of your city endless. We can’t wait to see what kind of blinding fast race tracks you’ll make, the massive stunt courses you’ll design, or how you’ll reach the tops of your tallest structures. The objects give you an unparalleled freedom to explore every inch of your metropolis alone or with friends. Ultimately, they allow you to breathe personality into your creation in ways only you know how.


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