Every person who holds public office knows two things: perception is key and appearance changes perception.  If your constituents view you as out of touch, you loosen your tie and roll up your sleeves.  If they view you as intellectually challenged you don black framed professorial glasses.  As a mayor in Big City Stories you can change your looks with the press of a button.

Male or Female, tall or short, rotund or thin; you can customize your appearance in great detail.  Pick from a variety of hair styles and colors, as well as eye colors and facial hair.  You can also tweak your facial structure, including jaw size, cheek height, and nose length, as well as body proportions like leg length, abdomen thickness, and shoulder size.  Recreate your likeness, emulate the faces of your heroes and heroines, or craft a character all your own.

Once you’ve selected your body type and facial features, you can pick your clothing.  Mayors don’t always need to dress fancy; Big City Stories offers an expansive collection of clothes to express your personality.  You’ll have plenty of accessories like hats, glasses, and coats.  There’s no dress code when you set the rules, so outfit yourself in jeans, shorts, or khakis according to your mood. Dress for the job or show the city your humorous side.

Character Creation

Big City Stories allows any kind of mayor to take the stand and plan a bustling metropolis. How you look behind the podium is totally up to you, and the options for expressing your personality are boundless. Whether you want to dress straight-laced and professional or relaxed and eccentric, your city is ready to follow your lead.